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Retired high court justices support Dirk Sandefur

The undersigned urge that District Judge Dirk Sandefur be elected as a Justice to Montana’s Supreme Court. He has the temperament and the broadest professional background of any candidate for the Supreme Court — including the skills that are indispensable for analyzing and deciding all civil and criminal cases:

* Sitting as district court judge serving for 14 years in one of Montana’s busiest and most populous districts. Elected and re-elected  three times by the Citizens of Cascade County;
* Serving as a designated Supreme Court Justice at the request of the Chief Justice;
* Serving as a police officer for the City of Havre;
* Practicing law as a private attorney;
* Serving as a public defender of persons accused of crime;
* Serving as a Deputy Cascade County Attorney prosecuting persons accused of crime;
* Appearing before the Supreme Court representing litigants;
* Dealing with every conceivable type of civil and criminal case that may come before the Montana Supreme Court;
* Not beholden to any partisan or special interest;
* No partisan or special interest agenda.Advertisement 

Judge Sandefur is a third-generation Montanan. He is married and has three children. He and his wife worked and put him through the University of Montana Law School — from which he graduated with high honors

As a Judge Dirk Sandefur has committed himself to fairness, impartiality, independence and a level playing field for all. He will continue to serve with that same commitment as a Justice on the Montana Supreme Court.

Jim Nelson, Terry Trieweiler, John Warner, W. William Leaphart, Jim Regnier, retired Montana Supreme Court Justices, and Karla M. Gray, Retired Chief Justice, Montana Supreme Court.