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Reelect Justice Ingrid Gustafson
May 24, 2022
​Like Justice Ingrid Gustafson, after practicing law in a general practice, I became a district judge. After 15 years on the district bench, I was appointed by Gov. Judy Martz as a justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

In my judicial career I learned that courtroom experience, where all kinds of cases are heard, is extremely valuable. It is especially valuable on the Supreme Court, which reviews the decisions of the various district courts. Political experience is of little, if any, value.

The judiciary is an equal branch of our Montana government separate from the Legislature and the governor. In order to make the system work, it is essential that that our judges, including the Supreme Court justices, are independent and not beholden to, or biased in favor of any particular ideology. It is critical that a justice consider each case fairly, considering the law and not considering if a litigant is rich or poor, businessman or consumer, male or female or popular or unpopular. And, the Montana Constitution governs the law in Montana. The Constitution may be changed by the citizens, but unless or until it is, it is the basic law, and Justice Gustafson faithfully follows it.

Justice Gustafson has proven time and again, over many years, that she follows the law and makes fair and unbiased decisions. She will continue to do.

She should be reelected to continue her good work. I was born in Montana, I have always lived here, and I want and need a fair and unbiased Supreme Court. I am going to vote for Justice Ingrid Gustafson and I urge others to do so also.​
Honorable John Warner, Supreme Court justice, retired

​Reelect Justice Ingrid Gustafson
May 19, 2022​
Having served as justices on the Montana Supreme Court, we are proud to endorse Justice Ingrid Gustafson for reelection as a justice on the court in the primary and general elections.

Justice Gustafson was appointed to the Montana Supreme Court in December 2017 by Gov. Steve Bullock, and was then reelected in 2018. Prior to that Justice Gustafson served as a district court trial judge in Yellowstone County, having been appointed to that position in 2004 by Gov. Judy Martz. Justice Gustafson was reelected to the district court three times.

While serving as a district court judge, Justice Gustafson started the district’s felony drug court, and she established a pilot project in the area of child dependency. She has served on many professional organizations, too numerous to list here.

As a trial and appellate court jurist, Justice Gustafson has a reputation for fairness, independence, impartiality and for hard work. In terms of opinion writing, she is one of the most productive members of the court, and has earned a reputation for expertise in interpreting Montana’s Constitution.

​Preceding her career as a jurist, Justice Gustafson practiced law for 16 years in state and federal courts in a broad range of matters including personal injury, criminal defense and domestic relations.

Justice Gustafson graduated from Montana State University with a degree in business and marketing. She received her law degree from the University of Montana Law School.

​She is an NCAA all-American alpine ski racer and a member of Montana State University’s athletic hall of fame. She has played and refereed competitive soccer.

Justice Gustafson and her husband live in Billings where they raised their two children.

The 2022 elections for the Montana Supreme Court are critical. Court decisions must continue to be grounded in the facts and governing law of each case and must not be influenced by, much less decided on, the basis of partisan or special interest ideology. It is vitally important that we voters retain Justice Gustafson’s experience, independence, fairness and impartiality serving all Montanans in our third, co-equal branch of government.

We urge you to join us in voting to reelect Justice Gustafson in the 2022 primary and general elections.

James C. Nelson, James M. Regnier and Michael E. Wheat are retired Montana Supreme Court justices.

​Justice Gustafson deserves your vote
First, I would like to echo Mark Racicot's guest opinion in the Billings Gazette (March 16) in which he stated "the essential qualities of leadership and human character, we all know them when we see them: decency, honesty, humility, honor and faithfulness." I read those words and wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Racicot which is why we should all vote for those qualities by re-electiing Justice Ingrid Gustafson to the Montana Supreme Court.

I worked with Justice Gustafson when she was a district court judge in Yellowstone County and have great admiration and respect for her as a district court judge and am even more impressed at her abilities as a serving Montana Supreme Court justice. You can count on her great work ethic, her 20 years of judicial experience, and her promises to do the best job that she can for the people of Montana. Justice Gustafson deserves your vote because she has the "chops." Her record is impeccable. She is consistent in her interpretation and application of our laws, our Constitution and understands the importance of her opinions to all Montanans.

​Remember, this is a non-partisan race. Don't fall for candidates who don't have the experience, qualifications and good sense that Justice Gustafson has. The other candidates simply don't have the experience, knowledge, and abilities possessed by Justice Gustafson. In fact it is very hard to understand why these other candidates are even in this race.

They only have money...isn't it a horrible shame.

Gayle Stewart